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write a few things as someone who has listened to me since the days of “unarmed force”.

The problem is not sagopa’s religious belief. The main problem began with Sagopa’s highly controversial line from a political rapper who questioned religion in 2001-2005, and even criticized his former self.

criticizing people who use religion by saying “I thought it was paradise and hell was a fairy tale”, pesimist ep 2, saying “Teacher is ridiculous with a bearded TV” and this person has turned back with more intense feelings after 2007. This is pretty normal.

it is not what I want to talk about; the sagopa went so far as to say to the Muslims who did not pray, “you are stupid.” “You are not a prayer, you are not a Muslim, my brother,” he exclaimed. the people celebrating the New Year’s Eve and entering a new year with good emotions have been subjected to severe criticism in the book that they compiled from the chatter of Ahmet, the so-called “Christmas danger”. so that his ex-wife and himself shared whether the shorts to the sea fit or not, and at the same time shared with serious serious followers how many bites would kill the lizards. so much so that by replacing every part of his old songs he used the word “god” with god kelimes “rab” at concerts.

his younger fans went out of his way and became a crowd meeting with his robe and thanks to him. These people, the children between 15 and 20 years old, who go by far, have become very critical and criticize the clothing of people. He wrote to AyBen: “You give the decollete from your right shoulder, but you still give it,” the ex-wife wrote. their fans said “yes,” just because they seem to have a right shoulder. there were intense accusations and hate in their songs despite the non-religious. “you have opened your heads, you have persecuted you, you have not known your Lord, etc.”

then something happened; The robe said the crook, he left. I think it’s like 2012. and then met with the ascension. He began to deny the hadiths, his wife and himself. then his wife put on a mini skirt and pulled a clip, and he went to club songs. then he left his wife. and turned to the starting point.

Do not look up, circle. “Everybody look at their own business” and now they say. I think I have the right to comment as an old listener. Otherwise, of course I am looking at my strength. all of this shows us;

In life everything is based on balance. irreligion and religiosity could not survive with such an end, but with an internal reasoning. but he also lost his belief in life and man. I read the entire question and answer, I did not see the situation well. It’s also obvious that you do not write with a normal head.

As I recall, the book of “the great gatsby” began as follows: “Before you criticize one, remember that you did not come to the world on the same terms as you, you did not go through the same way.”

This is a very correct word. I think it’s a good rule to be a good person. the world would be a much nicer place if there were no people who criticized those who were not like him. and the bouncer skipped it. According to him, the way he went was always the right way. “Listen to me and listen to me, lan, you are lan,” he cried, thinking that one day you could think like this. I would have liked to have life consist of black and white colors alone. but we have to admit that life is just a commute between those peas that these two colors make up, and the only color that keeps its existence for life is actually gray. there are only periods when we are approaching white and black tones.

I was motivated by music while listening to music. From 2002-2010. I would have something to do with myself. I think I have now reached the stage where I will give advice to myself. ey sagopa – the son of the rap – (as in his brutal vocals years); please live your beliefs in a little bit and do not try to get people into the eyes and actions of people. the religious minds that you are moving away today may grow other seeds in your conscience tomorrow. because although faith is not dominant today, it is actually a hard journey. I want to protect until the last moment. what schindler says on the list; “Will is power, if you have the power to kill and you do not kill it.” it becomes religious faith, it becomes faith in itself. it does not matter. not just religious.

I may have written a little abstract, maybe it is reading here. I do not think so. Keep in mind. On this note, mistakes and mistakes are stripped of being naked and embarrassing.

even so; You made fabulous songs. I can really give you peace of mind, I say independently of your faith. nor can we forget you.

sometimes it is necessary to remember that some people are just beautiful;


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